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  1. Got woken up twice by the rain hammering on the caravan roof!!
  2. I've learnt just how gullible some people can of my lecturers makes a joke about the Emergency Wreck Marking Buoy having a different light rhythm depending on the day of the week...most days it's Blue, followed by yellow...except for Tuesday when it's Yellow THEN Blue!! Now, most of us took it in the good humour it was intended...however, today a different lecturer asked a student to describe the light characteristics of the above buoy. He asked what day it was, as that affects the rhythm of the light... The lecturer is a Master Mariner with many, many years commercial service and yet he was speechless!!
  3. Brake pipes/brake lines...close enough (Stop the conga = brake and line) (Princess hair to policeman = braided and copper) Not a single drop of alcohol has passed my lips for over a week lol
  4. Still no lol Okay, so in addition to the conga clue above... You can change them to princess hair from a policeman
  5. Also no... I'll add another clue in a little while
  6. Nope...'fraid not
  7. Hmmm...trying to think of parts with clues isn't easy lol Ooo...I have a good one here :D When the party gets too much, you should stop the Conga!! (This will either be answered very quickly, or people will groan when they find out lol)
  8. Is it a numberplate?
  9. Honestly Steve? Not much...just more convenient having the app - not to mention force of habit (I'm still using it now lol)
  10. Ohh...I dunno... My other half has a cat...and the amount times we all end up with his hairy balls in our faces is unbelievable!! (He hates other cats - he was brought up by a rabbit and there aren't any kittens in the area, never mind any that look like him lol) Not only that, sometimes when you stroke him, he err...pops out the lipstick...
  11. Also, be aware that the maximum towing weight for the Focus is 1200kg if my memory serves me correctly
  12. The miles thing is a maximum - you're saying that you don't expect to exceed that figure. My only thought is that by stating that your additional driver is driving more miles with a smart box than you, would that be considered fronting? The fact that you don't see him and he hasn't even seen your car is irrelevant. By saying he's doing more miles than you is basically the same as saying that he is the primary user. If you had added him with less mileage than you, then it wouldn't be a problem - because you're then saying that you are the primary user.
  13. I added a towbar & got a £9 refund and no admin charge...then changed the reg and got hit with an admin fee :-(
  14. (Pssst...Alex...that's not chocolate whip...) :D
  15. I hope that at least comes with a free bottle of lube...