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  1. It's not as daunting as it looks...honest lol Pop off your rear bumper, and mark out where you want the sensors. There might even be marks there already! Drill through and clean up the holes then reattach the bumper. There should be a rubber grommet under the back end somewhere - feed through the wires for the sensors through the bumper holes then through the grommet For the control box you need access to the rear lights. Tap into the reverse light wire (positive) and also the nearest earth point. Plug in the wires to the box and make sure that the sensors are all properly inserted and yer done!
  2. I'll be honest, I doubt that you will find much help for this... We're primarily British on here and don't know much about extended warranty providers in the US Sorry
  3. Had a presentation night at Cadets tonight!! I have some seriously awesome cadets!!
  4. At least the puke is warm? Never even received anything...not even an email saying merry Christmas. If I was away, I'd receive a small care package - sponsored by BFBS of I remember rightly
  5. Another Osram Nightbreaker fan here!! Just swapped over to them in my Mondeo - after moaning for the last few months lol Had them in my old Focus too - same story lol
  6. Inside the rear view mirror housing? Auto dimming mirror by the looks of it - it'll be a light sensor
  7. At long last, 2 and a half years later than planned and 3 attempts later...I have now passed my Officer Of the Watch Oral Exam!! To say I'm relieved, happy, and somewhat exhausted is an understatement!!
  8. Anyone else think it's a bit coincidental that it's only within the last few weeks that Corsa's have been bursting into flames too... ...about as long as Ian has been saying he was looking at leaving VX? :D
  9. Train horns :D
  10. No complaints - smells a bit odd, but works well enough. Yeah, that's the stuff!! One of my favourites was the Lidl stuff. Not seen it for a while though...
  11. Check the minimum temperature rating on both first!! I got some Halfords "readymixed" that protects down to -20 for less than a bottle of their "concentrated" stuff that undiluted protects down to...yep...-20!!
  12. The cynic in me wonders if the oil was drained, but not filled up properly afterwards...
  13. Mondeo headlamps!! They're a right royal pain in the ***** to remove!! Looks easy enough...2 screws, wiggle & jiggle and out. The frigging things don't jiggle out very easily at all!! Nearly half an hour I spent faffing with them!!
  14. Thought they warmed up quite nicely without glow plugs lol My like is almost related to the fog lights thing...rear though - the bulbs are NOT as listed in the book, but are very quick and easy to change...under a minute per side! Unlike the headlamps!! Just fitted Nightbreakers after my ns dipped beam blew the other day. Also washed the car as my other half pointed out that neither of my numberplates were readable through the dirt...oops lol
  15. I have 2 questions... 1. Doesn't Santa have his sleigh & reindeer? 2. How is Santa supposed to ride 3 bikes at once? :D