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  1. I was under a counsellor - a very straight speaking Yorkshire lass. Contrary to popular belief, they don't expect the full story straight away! They should help you with coping mechanisms and then slowly work from there. It's hard and I often left feeling pretty shi...rubbish. Until I started practicing what I learnt in the session. It is important to have a good relationship with your counsellor (to say a "working relationship" isn't quite right...they are trying to unlock your mind lol) I'm now at the point where sitting down for 10 minutes on my own with a cuppa is enough to bring me back! Drugs also help lol
  2. Ahh yeah...that's your neck of the woods isn't it?! They've done it twice on the '180 (once on the M180 and another on the A180) in recent years lol
  3. Considering the offer was made in May 2014...I'm going to go out on a limb and say no... They are available on ebay (recommend PF Jones) for about £70-£75 (brand new Witter towbar)
  4. ECU? Firm as in firmware, 0/1 for binary?
  5. Sat waiting for the postman...I want my new number plates already!!!
  6. Go on then Joss lol
  7. It is basically Scotchguard under a different name lol And I'm not covering my seats if I don't have too lol The half-leather is very nice!!
  8. More likely to find someone on the Passion Ford forum - we're mostly modern Ford owners - Focus, Mondeo etc
  9. Coffee has stained seats in my previous cars, and it mopped up easily without stains in the Mondeo
  10. Lets be honest, how many of us still say that in our minds when you place that spanner / ratchet :D Umm...noooo? (Okay...maybe possibly kinda yes lol) As for the plugs, try a drop of plusgas. A little tighten can help crack the threads - but as above, don't be too heavy handed
  11. I've had it put on my Mondeo...mostly for the interior protection, and so far it's worth it... (I never and coffee in a car is not a good mix)
  12. Mine is being sold at auction - up on Tuesday lol Newark Motor Auctions if anyone is interested lol
  13. towbar

    I've just fitted one to a standard Mondeo - try ebay - PF Jones are very good. They also do the car-specific modules suitable for LED lights. Send them a message and they're pretty quick to respond!!
  14. I have high fluoride toothpaste on a regular prescription, I've yet to visit a pharmacist who actually has it in stock, there's always a weeks delay between presenting and getting it. That'll be the "just in time" stock method that the accountants like, but when everyone up the supply is doing it, worldwide shortages occur far too often That wouldn't be around Regents Park? The kerbs round there are particularly unforgiving WC1R - I have no idea how close to anywhere that is lol I'm now sat in ATS Camden whilst the staff hurry up and do not a lot...
  15. Popped a tyre on a very high, very sharp kerb in London :-( Looks like a trip to the nearest ATS - mile and a half away, probably a 2 hr drive lol Even more irritating is that the tyre still has loads of tread, reckon it had 4 new tyres shortly before it was traded in!! Unfortunately, there's a chuffin' great hole in the sidewall!!