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  1. Cracked a seriously impacted wisdom tooth last week. Finally managed to get to a dentist today - quick look & an x-ray confirms that yes, it needs to come out. Turns out it's also infected, so the local anaesthetic wouldn't take properly. Dentist tried something a bit stronger...turns out I'm extremely sensitive to it. Blood pressure plummeted, I nearly pass out and now I have a referral to get it out under sedation :-/ On the plus side, I am now on the books there (friend of mine is a dental nurse there). Quite glad - my (now former) surgery were absolute arses and refused to see me early (supposed to have an appointment next week).
  2. Yep...I'll have 4 pints of semi-skimmed, a loaf of bread and err...yeah, I'll take the Focus right there - no, not that one - the one next to the Fiesta...aye, that one!
  3. Mate, we all started somewhere - and I bet most of still refer to "thingies" and "whachamacallits" lol The fact that you managed to get the filter in without major diffuculty and no leaks would suggest that it is installed correctly
  4. I don't really like the Bosch ones. Usually I go for Ford - despite being a little expensive, they do last quite well...ignore the yellow spot and do what everyone else does - use you're own judgement when it comes to replacement. Saying that, the cheap Tesco aero-flats used to be pretty good!! Think I had 3 sets on my old Punto - over about 3 years - so yeah, got a good year out of 'em. Not bad at £4 a blade lol
  5. The resistor pack controls fan speed only And I haven't got a scoobies what that bit is
  6. I'm not a fan of using myself as a crumple zone...give me a modern motor any day!! Even if it does appear to disintegrate in a collision. I have multiple dislikes today...I just really CBA posting them all...I'm an arsey git tonight!
  7. Sounds like an interesting plan...I know of a couple of Fiat owners who turboed their cars. Probably doable...just no idea how lol
  8. Not to mention ships!! (MARPOL Annex 6 if anyone is interested) Technically a lot of ships already run on electricity - it's just generated by chuff-off big diesel engines Don't get me started on wind powered ships...Rule 12 (IRPCS) is a pain in the ar...mpit As for the original question about swapping diesel for petrol - sell the car and buy a petrol. Swapping the engine, whilst possible, is going to be far more difficult and expensive. You'd need to change so much (right down to the filler nozzle) that you would need a donor car anyway.
  9. They trialled that a few years ago. It did make things flow so much better! When the trial ended it became ridiculous - there were so many wagons trying to overtake each other you were constantly slowing right down to avoid ploughing into the guy in front. And then the wagins would just pull out into the newly formed gap - forcing you to slow down even more. Before you knew it, the entire motorway was crawling along. With the ban in place the M11 was generally quite free flowing. Now - I'm not bashing truck drivers, I've grown up around them, and I know what they're up against...of course there are a few who really shouldn't be allowed to drive anything bigger than a Matchbox car...same with car drivers. I was also a regular user of the M11 both during and after the overtaking ban. Even my Dad (with about 40 years driving trucks under his belt) commented that the overtaking ban did make things better on the M11...albeit begrudgingly
  10. On my old Focus the rear washer pipe rubbed on the paintwork. When I got it the paint was just starting to thin and the primer peeking through. I just whacked a bit of gaffa tape over it and added it to the "to-do list" It was still there when I traded it in last August - almost 4 years later (same bit of tape!!)
  11. Also response to the general opinions one is a bit...wordy... (Tl;dr - I don't like electric cars lol)
  12. My Mondeo is pretty much the same - I can see reasonably well with the standard mirrors - but I do like the little bit extra vision you get...unfortunately, my set are seriously naff
  13. Sorry to hijack - but are the Milenco Aero's any good? I have a set of generic towing mirrors that are next to useless!! They vibrate and wobble and never stay where they were set.
  14. My other half has a V40 Estate - 1.8 petrol, but that also looks rough as She used to say it went well...until I flew past her in the Mondeo as we joined a motorway - I was told to err...go away when I mentioned that I'd done it in 6th Her V40 does need a service all the bits, so guess what I'm likely to be doing this week (bear in mind she is a fully qualified mechanic) The cheeky cow
  15. I tried catching a train once...didn't manage it though... My net wasn't big enough