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  1. Found out that 3 lads were seen pushing it down the road at about 4am!! I've also just realised that I had my passport, discharge book, GMDSS certificate and EHIC card in a folder in a cupboard...ready for college - so I didn't lose/forget them!! !Removed!!
  2. Just had a caravan pinched off my other half's drive!! Impressive manoeuvring by the thieves, it was a chuffin' tight fit!! *insert multiple "removed" words here!*
  3. Radio?
  4. I'm going to go along the lines of parking sensors - only because they operate in a similar fashion to echo sounders...
  5. I wouldn't quite say that...I was on the right track, but Clare has certainly helped lol
  6. I have a set similar to the top set that I took off of my Focus - they're available for a sensible offer!! They are in working order and are not the cheap/naff ones - Lenny was the original owner...and he doesn't do tatt - especially when it came to his car!! Message me for more info
  7. I'm sure Vicki would have offered to do it with a couple of bricks at that suggestion say that, but a good relationship is a big help!! Having someone who you can talk too - anything from the most intimate details of your life to what to watch on TV. Companionship is a wonderful thing. I speak from experience - I have been in a relationship for the last few months after swearing for the previous couple of years that I wouldn't bother whilst I was still having problems (mental health). I'm in a much happier place now - and even failing the most important exam of my life to date didn't dampen my spirit!! Nothing like the love of a good woman!!
  8. +1 for the ebay specials lol Work well, easy to fit and cheap. They can be painted - very carefully lol
  9. Driving in Cornwall is either a love or hate experience lol One of my Mum's best friends used to love visiting the Jamaica Inn Never been myself
  10. CANbus?
  11. Isn't birds eating eggs a little bit cannibalistic? Not really. We eat other mammals...
  12. I'd suggest have a very good look at the bulb holder itself. Check that the bulb is properly seated and everything is properly connected - no real technical skill involved - just a pair of eyes. It is also possible that they are dodgy bulbs and/or they're being damaged in storage
  13. I ordered mine through Demon Plates - very quick, very good quality plates. On my Focus I had the FOC URL written across the bottom of the rear plate lol The Mondeo has private plates without any slogans, just the Union Flag & GB markings - think I paid £32 for them (including a big standard rear plate for trailer)
  14. Quick search of Euro Car Parts - the 100EFB Battery you require is available to order - starting at £127 for a Lion branded battery, to £184 for a Bosch
  15. Soo...I've spent the best part of a week trying to find the problem with the lights on my caravan. Tried and tested the whole system - bulbs: fine, wiring: continuity on all wires, caravan fuses: all good, 13 pin to 12N/S adapter: good. Hmm...what's left? Oh yeah...the car...with its brand new dedicated wiring loom installed with 3 separate fuses...1x 20A and 2x 15A... Yeah...a 15 had popped!! Think I may have a fault with my lightboard - last time I used that, it went mad...figured water had got into the cluster and shorted something out. And taken the fuse with it. Luckily, I have a pot full of spare Grimsby...not Fleetwood...