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  1. Lights and Insurance

    Small changes like that are unlikely to affect your insurance. The headlight bulbs won't affect your insurance at all - because they're legal and meet the OE spec, they don't care. I'm pretty sure it's the same with the interior LEDs. If in doubt, ring the insurance company.
  2. Holy thread resurrection Batman!! I mentioned the other week that my Cruise Control wasn't working properly. Quick Google said whip the airbag off, remove the switches and clean. Tried that, couldn't get the airbag to unclip - soo Google again...just tried the squirt method (ooo....Matron!) Roger me, it works!! Less than a penny's worth of spray and about 20 seconds work - awesome!!
  3. Car Conundrums!

    Ooo...forgot about this one lol All nope so far... I guess you want another clue? Gimme 10 to think of one lol
  4. Things I Don't Like

    That's the badger!! Today I survived the DRIU* with a stinking cold! (*Damage Repair Instructional Unit - damaged ship simulator...great fun, when you're not full of man-flu lol) Tomorrow, I get to be drowned again before being gassed and grilled on Wednesday, followed by more grilling on Thursday & Friday. ...the joys of Basic Sea Survival... (Not sure how much of this is a like though lol)
  5. Things I Don't Like

    Laptop has decided to install a major update...I was going to play games to avoid Strictly... Over 45 minutes so far...
  6. Things I Do Like

    I did the rear trailing arm bushes myself!! Bit of a pig, but after being quoted £450+VAT I laughed and googled it - easy job...or so I thought...The old bushes were rather well...umm...attached lol You no longer need to replace the whole trailing arm...Ford "invented" a tool to press the old bushes out. It's a screw down press with a couple of notches for the bush housing to fit into. Cheap(er) knock offs are available...
  7. Things I Do Like

    Hartwell Ford of Scunthorpe are advertising the new Ford Scrappage Scheme...
  8. Tow Eye Cover

    Don't see many parts painted in Avalon. Might just have to bite the bullet and spray one up.
  9. Car Conundrums!

    Some good ideas coming out - but still not there lol
  10. Car Conundrums!

    Some good answers there - but still a no Lemma know when you want another clue
  11. Daylight Running Lights for Mk 2.5

    They're the same as mine - which used to be Lenny's. If you've read any of Lenny's stuff you'll know he doesn't do cheap tat! There are 2 options with them - 50% dim or completely off with the dipped lights. On full brightness, they look chuffin' awesome!! I actually found them earlier - Mother dearest is "sick of tripping over the flipping box" (genuinely was flipping - she doesn't swear lol). If you're interested, drop me a message bud
  12. Car Conundrums!

    Nooo - I'll hang on for another clue...maybe @GMX has had a ponder
  13. Daylight Running Lights for Mk 2.5

    I have a set of those available!! I can't find the pictures - but under my threads there is a for sale post
  14. Car Conundrums!

    Noo, that wasn't a clue, and thanks lol I nearly forgot the part I was thinking of as well lol Right...another clue... Maybe it was a sigh of relief in my previous clue...
  15. Car Conundrums!

    Still nope I'd give you another clue, but I had 2 wisdom teeth removed yesterday, so I'm not thinking too straight at the moment lol
  16. Car Conundrums!

    Both nope
  17. Car Conundrums!

    Been trying to think of a good'un Hmmm...alright...I think I have one *Sigh* ohh the pressure.... (That's all you get for now lol)
  18. Car Conundrums!

    Yeah...go on then, another clue please lol In the meantime: door handle?
  19. Things I Don't Like

    Today has been an incredibly tedious day. And to top it off, the cruise control/speed limiter has stopped working...I might get a chance to investigate before Christmas...2024...maybe...
  20. Car Conundrums!

  21. Things I Don't Like

    I know it was the right decision - doesn't make it any easier. I'm a Sea Cadet Instructor - currently the Training & Boats Officer...trying to palm those roles off before I go back to sea lol
  22. Things I Don't Like

    Last week my pet cokatiel took a turn for the worse. Poor little sod has had problems with his tail for a while, but it wasn't really bothering him - so we just kept up with antibiotics & steroids and kepylt an eye on him. I say "we" - I mean my parents - I've been on cadet courses and staying with my OH in between. Last Tuesday he started really going for his sore bit and really struggled balancing (lack of tail feathers made this difficult anyway). Mum rang me to tell me, and I agreed with what she said. Charlie was put to sleep - the vet agreed that he was basically on his way out now, and that it would be cruel to keep him going. Nearly 10 years to the day since we acquired the little sod. He was about 4 or 5 when he came to us - so for a cockatiel, he was a brave old age!! Even more amazing that he'd had a rough few years before we got him. We honestly didn't expect him to live as long as he did!! I think his last 10 years have been good - otherwise he wouldn't have fought the infection (and suspected cancer) as much as he did. He was a little git, could be grumpy - but I do love him, always will do!! Fly free little birdie!!
  23. Alloy Wheel Nut / Cover Loose

    I got a set of these ones from Amazon: Set of 20 Alloy wheel nuts. M12 x 1.5, taper washer, 19mm hex for use with Ford alloy wheels. https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01BLPM9J2/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apap_8DpAm8F1HRJgw They fit most Ford alloys by the looks of it
  24. Car Conundrums!

    Shock absorber?
  25. Which is the best petrol

    The diesels aren't as fussy. My Mondeo will run quite happily on whatever is in the tank. My Focus used to be sluggish, unresponsive and idle was a bit lumpy on Asda or Morrisions petrol. After a couple of tanks of Shell Fuel-Save Regular, the car was back to its normal self. No lab/controlled tests, but when your Mother says "What's wrong withthe car? It doesn't seem right!" then it's a fairly good indicator lol