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  1. Thanks for the comments and welcomes, have thought of doing the grilles black as someone else had done it to his infra red one but wasn't sure about it, did want it to look as original as possible so we'll see lol
  2. Hi mate, I used to have a Mk1 and can guarantee the Mk1 boot spoiler doesn't fit the Mk2 as the top of the tailgate is a slightly different shape, hope that helps!
  3. Thanks mate ;)
  4. Thanks for the comments and welcome mate ;)
  5. Hi all, I've just joined so thought I'd say hello, I'm Paul from Cheshire and drive a 2002 Mondeo ST220 saloon in the rare Infra Red colour, here's some pics......
  6. Welcome to the Ford forums InfraRedST220Saloon :)