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  1. Help Anyone Know A Decat For The Endura E ?

    Yea I have tried that and had no luck I thought one might fit from a mk1 fiesta or something but can't find one
  2. Please help me find a decat manifold for the endura e engine used in ka's ?
  3. Need A Pro! Sound System

    If I was you I'd get hold of a battery clamp you get better power to the amp and it will never come lose u can pick the up from halfords, in the 2001 fiesta the rubber grommet is under the windscreen on the passenger side just behind the fuse box make a slight cut and push it through and it will appear somewhere from behind the glove box have someone's hand up there to try n grab it I managed to get a zero gauge behind there so should be fine :D x
  4. Hey people I have a mk5 fiesta but it has a crapy endura engine In it, I'm just wondering If anyone knows a decat for them I can't find a manifold anywhere but was wondering if the mk2 manifolds fit it as they are decat as standard. If not I'm gunna get one custom made, prolly not worth it but I like the noise ;) haha
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums Asapregular :)