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  1. problem solved, i had to remove the indicator assemby.
  2. Hi, I want to remove the green filter from my mk 5 guages as i'm not keen on it, i've managed to remove the dash surround and take all the screws out and remove the plug from the gauge pod so now it is free in its housing problem is, i cannot get it past the steering wheel, i tried removing the top cowling of the steering column, should i remove the indicator stalks alswel? please help!
  3. ah i see, manual was lying!
  4. Hi Guys, i searched this forum and couldn't find anything so basicaly it says in my manual that the interior lights should go off after a short delay after shutting the door, but they go off instantly when the door is closed? is this normal if not how can i fix? regards, tom
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums tsimpson1993 :)