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  1. Front Parking Sensor On Fiesta 2011 Auto

    iNath, according to the manual, it is off by default. And the button you mentioned toggles them on and off. Thanks everyone for replying! Much appreciated.
  2. Front Parking Sensor On Fiesta 2011 Auto

    Thanks for replying, sambooka! With my car, though, the reverse sensors work as stated in the manual (ie when in reverse gear). The front sensors are said to be off by default, but every time when driving off from "P", the front sensors are on. I do not suppose manual cars will have this problem as "P" is only available on automatic transmission.
  3. Hi, Just got a 61 Fiesta Titanium Auto with front and back parking sensors. According to the menu, the front parking sensors are off by default. However, I am finding that they are turned on whenever I put the gear lever at "Park". I am not sure if this is a common problem for all automatic Fiestas, or if it is just something wrong with my car.
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums Zed McChen :)