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  1. Water Leak, passenger footwell (56)Focus

    Hi, I have got the same problem as Chris with my 02 Focus Ghia. Bought the car 2nd hand in January and have taken it back to the garage (not a Ford dealer!!) as it is under warrenty and they said it was the seals on a screen were proud and letting in water. Anyway, I had the car back for a week and its been fine until today. I put my jacket on the floor whilst I was driving, then when I picked it up, I found it was soaked! Not good lol. It rained a lot last night, so Im not sure if it is what they said or whether it is to do with the pollen filter as you guys have mentioned. Any ideas? Thanks, Ally
  2. Ipod connecting to ford radio

    Yeah, it plays CD-R Audio Cd's with the files all in .AIFF format most of the time fine. Fair point, I'm still trying to think about which route to go and since money is a little low it gives me time to make up my mind. Thanks again for the help. Ally
  3. Ipod connecting to ford radio

    Basically the reasearch i've done has lead me to an adapter which connects via IP-Bus. Adapter However I'm not 100% that would work ok and it is £70. In the mean time I've got copied cd's playing on my standard unit.. which took some doing lol
  4. Ipod connecting to ford radio

    I see. Thats a pretty cool piece of kit!! Thanks for the 2nd reply too. Been thinking, and am wondering the easiest/cheapest way of connecting a USB pen drive with my music on to my head unit? Sorry to be a pain, I'm just looking at all the options and although I've done a fair few hours research, just wanted to see what you guys could come up with Thanks Ally
  5. Ipod connecting to ford radio

    Thanks for the reply and information Johnny. I geussed that was the case with the iTrip but wanted to be sure. I have a 52 plate focus ghia with the 6000CD player. Cheers again, Ally
  6. Ipod connecting to ford radio

    Can you use the steering wheel controls to control whats playing/volume still? Cheers, Ally