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  1. Intermittent Poor Starting 1.6 Duratec

    Update. Took car to Ford main dealer and they had it 3 days. Could not find anything wrong with it. They updated the ECU software to latest version. No trouble codes present. Car still gives occasional problems when warm. So, to recap, car will turn over but does not catch when warm (sometimes). Cold starting is never a problem. If the car is then left for a few 10s of seconds it'll start ok but non instantaneously. Ideas?
  2. Intermittent Poor Starting 1.6 Duratec

    Thanks. Is the ODB reader any different at Ford's. Both garages had wheeled computers that read the chip on a computer screen. Both said they ran a full diagnostics and pulled blanks. If Ford's have something different it'll be worth the £90 they charge to connect up. Chris
  3. Intermittent Poor Starting 1.6 Duratec

    Hi. Thanks for the reply. It's a 100ps Zetec Climate. I should add that once started it runs sweetly. I did not take it to the Ford garage. I took it to a very good electrical specialist and an other local general garage. Both interrogated the on=board and there are no codes. If the temp sensor went wouldn't that show up as a code? This car is NOT the Ti VCT model. Thanks.
  4. Hello all. Hope someone can help. I have a 2007 Ford Focus 1.6 Duratec. Completely standard. Recently it has developed a poor starting problem when completely warm. From cold it is generally ok. The battery turns over the starter no problem. The engine has maybe one or two brief catches but no more. By 'catch' I mean what appears to be just one spark. There are no trouble codes in the system. Two garages have looked at it abd cannot see the problem. Any ideas?
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums chrisannesam :)