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  1. Mk7 1.25 Zetec - Oil Pressure

    No, Actually a real nice run, Mostly 30mph zones, Low revving etc.. Just normal city driving.
  2. Mk7 1.25 Zetec - Oil Pressure

    It's so strange. Owell as long as it's not serious!
  3. Mk7 1.25 Zetec - Oil Pressure

    Hi, Just stopped at a said of lights and was presented with "engine oil pressure low, stop safely". Any idea what could cause this? Turned the engine on and off and it went away. I have seen it a few times in the last year but the oil has always been fine and it has recently been serviced. I am sure it's nothing to worry about but would be good to know why it shows.. Thanks!
  4. What Alloy Is This?

    Damn. I found one used one alloy/tyre for £80 and £10 delivery they look in good condition
  5. What Alloy Is This?

    Hey guys! Bought my car second hand and need a another alloy as a tyre was flat and now that alloys got a dent in it. Anyone got a name or product number for this alloy as i can seem to find it? There off a Fiesta Zetec (59) 1.2 I don't think they are standard zetec ones buy who knows? And how much I should pay for a new or a used one? Thanks guys!
  6. Mk7 Fuel Flap

    Got that one ordered! Just looking to get it sprayed/fitted!
  7. Police Scotland - Speeding Van

    Ahhh that's a fair distance, Looks like I am caught then. On a second note my car is black and shiny so as you say I may be lucky there but I don't think I am that lucky to be honest! Was midday sun shining towards be so hopefuly but I don't think I am that lucky as i say! Is there any chanche of catching me at such a far distance I can say it was maybe the car next to me/question the accuracy of the machine at that distance?
  8. Police Scotland - Speeding Van

    I totally agree I am at fault, If I have been caught I will be asking for evidence and what device was used.
  9. Police Scotland - Speeding Van

    I agree with what your saying but it was a one off and if anything a mistake since over taking a car doing 50 who then decides to go faster and faster not letting you in and having someone up your !Removed! to
  10. Mk7 Fuel Flap

    Looks like i found one guys now for a price for fitting/painting...
  11. Police Scotland - Speeding Van

    If it makes you feel any better, I just ran a quote for my self driving 3 years, 0 No Claims, 3 Points £100 fine, Mk7 Fiesta 1.25, 9000 miles And i was coming in around £550 - £1000! Which isnt to bad!
  12. Mk7 Fuel Flap

    Link didnt copy and paste :(
  13. Mk7 Fuel Flap

    I think this may fit: What's your guys view? Can anyone offer a guide,hints or point me in the best direction for fitting?
  14. Police Scotland - Speeding Van

    So if I was say 300m away and could see it even though I banged the breaks on screwed ?
  15. Police Scotland - Speeding Van

    Well that sucks 100 down 3 points up :(