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  1. Choppy Ride In New Zetec

    I have recently purchased a new 1lt Zetec fitted with 17" x 7 215/59 Tyres included in the appearance pack. The car drives very well and I'm generally pleased except for the constant twitching of the body over bumps. The suspension seems to work fine on big bumps but on almost flat roads there is a feeling of the car pitching about as all four corners rise and dip in small undulations. Iv never noticed it before on other cars but these have all had standard wheels.
  2. Mpg - Your Experiences

    Iv have just moved from a 1.2 Fiesta to a 1lt Focus. I never managed more than 32 round town in the Fiesta, max 45 on a long run in Wales. I was so disgusted with this I fitted a Garmin Ecodrive blue tooth device to my engine diagnostic plug. This gave all sorts of info to the sat nav device. It indicated all sorts of wild fuel consumptions and gave an average of 43, however on filling up and calculating the truth was 32 mpg. My Focus now has a factory fitted consumption indicator which I hope is a bit more accurate. It at least shows me where the fuel is being used most. I commute through Leeds twice a day, my 7 mile outward run is mainly down hill with light traffic. I purr along at 55 mpg dropping to 28 to rise up a few little hills or accelerate away from lights. Average mpg 44. The home run Is through heavy congestion, I see the indicator at 5 to 9 mpg for a few meters at a time up a hill 1 mile long,I have two of these on the way home. Takes 30 mins to cover the return 7 miles. Average mpg 24. This gives an overall of 34 (Ford quote 38 urban for this model). If I can find a flatter route home it will make a massive difference. My conclusion is two cars cannot be compared unless they use the same route, stop start up any hills kills the mpg.
  3. New Focus Owner

    Just collected my new Focus 1lt Zetec in Midnight blue with larger alloy wheels. Perhaps now is the best time to share some of my findings before I get settled into ownership. Good bits 1)The car is very lively to drive, its by far the most powerful car I have owned with plenty of torque and a very slick 6 speed gearbox. 2) All round visibility is very good, the wipers work from the centre to the edges almost totally wiping the screen. De misting is very quick and warming up takes only a few hundred yards 2) The seats were a bit uncomfy with raised edges (sports seat) but over the last couple of days have adjusted to my larger body, no problem there. 3) The suspension is nice and soft round town, soaking up the bumps and pot holes. 4) The radio is a good with plenty of sound adjustment available. I have loaded a 16mb usb stick with all my music and installed it in the socket inside the glove box. The unit detects it on Aux and will select files and songs via the audio controls. It also easily connects to my Sony phone blue tooth and syncronsynchronised phone settings and numbers. Bad bits, 1) My hand will not fit between the hand brake and centre consul. I have adjusted to hooking my fingers under. 2) My hand will not fit in the door closing handle. 3) The chrome trim round the windows reflects in the wing mirrors 4) The ride is soft but on the open road is a bit choppy. I dont notice much now so it may have bedded in, It made my passanger feel travel sick at first. 5) Fuel consumption. I did expect a bit better. Its 43mpg on a good mixed route. 36mpg round town and 28mpg in the city of Leeds. Its just the same as my Fiesta, Escort,Corsa, Maestro,Metro, Mini, Imp etc However these had amost zero emission technology. Im not too dissapointed and driving changes should see an improvement. The big differenece is the old cars had none of the drive and power of this new Focus. Overall I'm impressed and pleased with my new car.
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums Msut01 :)