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  1. More than happy with the car fullstop, handles well, picks up speed quickly, steering and gear changes are great, such an easy car to drive, visability is good, love the sound of the car and when the turbo kicks in ahh man. Also got to payy around with the new ST though I couldnt test drive it as it wasnt fit for the roads as it came in the evening before got to revv it though, sounds great absolutely love ford. well the mk2.5/3 focus, current mondeo, current c max, current s max and KUGA, the current fiesta is nice but more of a girls (no offence to anyone) car imo and too small for me. The focus just about works as i have very tall friends aswell.
  2. I went for the test drive today, just deciding with my dad whether out right or finance is best. I tested out the stereo omgggssshhhhh its more than enough.
  3. i bet u miss that 5 pot sound, personally the best sounding engine ive ever heard. i hear the 180 ecoboost sounds great and makes a great turbo sound.
  4. Thanks for the input guys, I will test the stereo on friday anyhow so all shall be good i hope
  5. Looool, I will be doing the test drive around potters bar area so hopefully the roads are clear so I can test out some acceleration etc :)
  6. lol no thanks, especially as i will need to get a pram and shopping in the boot. I am going to test drive the zetec s 180 ecoboost on friday as a dealer has finally got one in so ill get to test the stereo on friday before ordering which they say could take upto two months so i am looking at getting the car in december
  7. Thanks very much for your replies guys, i find that very helpful indeed. I dont need the 355 watt SONY stereo as i think thats too much, even though my order will be a factory one they said that option doesnt come with the zetec s only the titanium or titanium x not only that i dont like the look of it tbh. i prefer the layour in the zetec/zetec s and only need a decent amount of bass.
  8. hi there habe you got the standard stereo or did u uphrade to the ford DAB Nav. Also how good is the stereo for bass etc and do you know how many watts it is
  9. Hello guys/girls, I have a query regarding the stock stereo on the 2012 focus zetec s. Does anyone know how many watts the stereo is, I was reading online that it is 180watts but is that the stock stereo or after you add the Ford DAB nav system. I have been on the ford to many dealers regarding the issue before I purchase the car, so i know whether to spend the extra £750 for the DAB NAV system or not but none at ford seems to know. If no one knows how many watts the stereo is, can someone with a 2011/12 zetec s tell me how bassy the stock stereo is, as no showrooms in london seem to have one atm just zetec, titanium or titanium x. Thanks in advance
  10. Hello, name is Dillon. Am a potential owner of a brand new Zetec S just saying hello to really.
  11. Welcome to the Ford forums RZetecS :)

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      Thank you Steve