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  1. Bluetooth Retro Install Problems On 59 Plate

    Ah - thanks for the update!
  2. Sony Head Unit 2008 Titanium

    Hi Dave I know this thread is a bit old now, but I was also under the impression that you can't add bluetooth to the 04.05.02 firmware version Sony stereo. Can you confirm that you've got bluetooth working on that firmware version? (i.e. hold 1 and 6 down while the stereo is running) cheers Danny
  3. Bluetooth Retro Install Problems On 59 Plate

    Hi Andy Have you had any luck in resolving this? I doubt I can help (at the moment anyway), but am looking at getting a DAB unit plus bluetooth and USB so this might be an issue for me too. Danny
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums dannydc :)