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  1. Oldlen just to let you know I have a working cable in Bristol if anyone wants to use it. I have a 1.6 auto (mk2.5) I've put a cmax steering wheel with cruse control on and all wired up beeping so I know the buttons work. Never got cc working I think I'm unlucky with my pcm is the wrong fuse box never had it working I have even went to ford had my fuse box updated and tryed then no
  2. thanks guys
  3. Oh so the drums are ment to Just fit, not be at the slackest point?
  4. Okay so right, about 6 months ago a friend of mine did rear shoes on my car as they made a noise, brakes worked perfectly but the handbrake was sloppy, I adjusted it down and it went down a long way. SO NOW Today i got round to looking at the problem whats wrong? I took off the drum there was a lot of dust, everything looked correct no springs off etc all as it should be. so i clean the dust up and i Put the Adjusters about 95% in back to the start so the thread wasn't showing i get in the car thinking id have to slacken the hand brake, and i pump the brakes, the handbrake cable is way to long or i messed something up. if i tighten the cable, its a long way im guessing 2/3 cm down and it either is tight as hell or dose not work AM i missing something or has the cable stretched? is there a way to tighten this up? or should i take it apart again and do something different, the adjustment isn't like whats on line turoral its this one http://www.fordpartsuk.com/images_orig/1522225/1.jpg MY car is a 2008 2.5 with 36k on it, i had the rear shoes done because one of the pads came off the metal inside
  5. Hi Tom Please dont go to the dealers, I have been there my self and they update the car £80+ and then say its not in the Pcm And its not! the only thing i think you can do is get a new Fuse box (pcm modual) and change it for one that sports cc :( i will do this one day but ive not seen one online for the 1.6 petrol as yet with cc
  6. Hi just a question is any gem module work with any car if all the info is copped to the new one ?
  7. I think it's a closed connection an was hopping that's why my cc wouldn't work I'm going to get a gem out of a tdci and re program and see if that makes my cc work
  8. So would a different gem modual work if it was the right one?
  9. Yes rich nothing happening what so ever is it case it's an auto?
  10. When you click PCM dose it show anything for you?
  11. Hi need help trying to set cruse control Ford focus 2008 I have a working lead and wire and software When I go to the PCM It shows blank is that normal?
  12. Okay so I got the wire through today I've tried and I've been and enabled everything I need to system menu but nothing is happening when I hit cc no dash light and not keeping speed, I've found the clutch wire and wired them as a closed connection any suggestions I've missed?
  13. Hi getting cable in post today have downloaded the software and am ready to go Can some one explane How to back up the software on the ecu And how to make the changes and set them Any advice would be welcome Thank you
  14. Okay so i have the software working now on my lilttle laptop, When i get the wire * any day now* What do i need to do with the software, can you expand how i use it a little more? i can open the program as is but dont understand what i need to do, I guess Guess i need to copy the configuration on to my laptop how do i do that? and then tick the boxes i want ( can only see stuff in offline mode) then in gem i tick curse control and just apply? any help will be brillent expecting wire tomorw,