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  1. Thank you very much! Just ordered some.. just what I was looking for lol.. how "tinted" are they? As they will be going on my pantha black focus lol Sent from my GT-I9505 using Ford OC mobile app
  2. Which ones did you buy? Theres so many of them out there.. I never know which ones are genuine and will fit properly lol Sent from my GT-I9505 using Ford OC mobile app
  3. It depends how much colour coding is to be done, is it the usual plastic parts on sides and bumper? The fog lights surroundings/chrome bonnet piece? It all depends how many pieces.. It would work out cheaper to do all of them at once.. As labour would be reduced... It's all to do with the amount of prep work and supplies work, wouldn't think too much would be used... As most of them would be or width spray of the gun for the trims.. So not much supplies goes into it.
  4. For the green paint left on the car (I'm guessing its from the other car..) get a rag, and a small bit of paint thinners on it... Yes paint thinners... And a SMALL bit... Rub it on the paint and should take it off... Then wipe it clean, and try your T-Cut.. Of the T-Cut doesn't work you can try the colour wax, but that tends to fade are a few washes, so you may be better off with a fine brush touch up, with a t-cut then a polish and wax. Good luck.
  5. Erm not quite sure... When you got the car, did you check what level the fuel was at to begin with? I would recommend now you've seen the level it's at now, to keep an eye on it and see how long it goes down now, with regards to the mileage you do..
  6. Yeah if look around that.. but I got the impression once they pay out the car then belomg to the insurance company.. hense why they ask for v5 etc.. but they do often offer for you to buy the car back off them for cheap. Sent from my GT-I9505 using Ford OC mobile app
  7. Honestly I don't think they take into account what's been done to the car... I.e new clutch etc... But what ever they offer you, don't take it.. Say it's worth more than that... When the girlfriend wrote her ford off, they gave her a price, and I said its worth more than that... And then the guy on the phone went onto Autotrader.. Had a look at the cars going to the same car/year/mileage and condition, and gave her a price to match... I didn't know they could do that until he did lol.
  8. Yes could be that! I would also quickly check the key in doors/boot/bonnet to make surfeit turns in them.. As I had this problem and it turned out to be a worn key... That way you can quickly write that possibility out.
  9. 21.... 22 in January... So I get to change groups! Feeling old.. Er.. xD
  10. Haha it would be good if you could install one of these on your ford! Would give you that mechanical version instead of the electrical idea I said... Edit: run one of these from the latch under the good, around and through below the dash to the right hand side of the steering wheel, where you plug in the ELM327 cable.. Would be cool lol.
  11. Glad to hear its being repaired! And at least you know with everything listed that its going to be done a proper job! Lucky it wasn't a bit more around towards the front, as it would have more than likely been a write off instantly.. So glad to hear it!
  12. Haha maybe not! However it's a good backup system, if you travel a lot.. And it would run the whole electrics, so could hook it up to a few things for relief! Lol
  13. Hmm yes would be good.. No doubt it would be able to be done.. I'll have to ask my electrical engineering lecturer at uni.. See what he thinks on the situation lol.What about the cars that have the emergency system that runs off a separate power source? So if the battery dies it was still able to operate? I'll try find it... EDIT: looks like it can be done sir..
  14. Hmm yeah... But electrics can go in anything and your buggered lol
  15. Agh great, I can see it more clearly now. Just what I needed.... From the diagrams you posted, all I can see are clips and torx screws attaching the bumper to the car? All the grills and fogs etc are already on the bumper... So would this then mean it would simple unbolt and unclip, much the same as the mk1 focus bumpers?