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  1. Smax 2.0 Tdci Boot Area Water Ingress

    I read your comment/problem with interest as I have the same. My S max is a 06 plate and has only done 40k miles. I have had it over 5 years. It is a fine car and does not let us down at all. 2 weeks ago I noticed a flattish tyre and pulled out the compressor to pump it up. Everything fine. 2 days later I went to check the tyre again and the carpet in the well behind the drivers seat was sopping with water. Because this piece of carpet is hidden I cut it and the underlay out. There was at least 1/2 " water in the well. My first thought is that the water is coming through the floor, and have spent a few hours searching the bottom pan for a crack or small hole. I'm keeping a tight watch on it and yesterday, 3 Oct, drove to Manchester through several rain showers. When I got home I checked and found about 1/4 " of water in the well. The area around the door is dry, so I am certain the door seals are water tight. Last night we had a mini monsoon and this morning, 4 Oct, there was at least 3/4 " of water in the well. Therefore the water can only come in from either the glass roof or the rear side glass panel, running down the inside of the door pillar, or between the skins and into the car. On checking, the carpet underneath the dicky seat is wet. This may be your problem, but as you wrote several months ago you may have already sorted the problem and I would be interested to know the outcome. I have booked in to Evans Halsall, Portway, Preston for a check and to find out the cost and will keep you informed. Southportsmith
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