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  1. coilovers arrived today ! :)

  2. Fiesta 3 Dr Bodykit

    If I had the money I would love this kit for my car :)
  3. A lot has been modified since I was last online!

  4. Coilovers Wanted

    Hi I currently have my mk7 fiesta (10 plate) on springs lowered 50mm but I want it lower so am looking to get some coilovers to lower it 80-100 Can anyone suggest where I could get some? Cheers :)
  5. Thinking of spraying them chrome tho...
  6. Nice noisy air filter on there now

  7. Nice noisy air filter on there now

  8. What Alloys?

    Gun metal like mine :P
  9. Hi guys, I am trying to decide wether to keep the pink fiesta badge (in picture) or put the chrome fiesta badge back on?? I think chrome but my boyfriend thinks pink so could do with a few more opinions Thanks :)
  10. Bristol Meet

    I cant go due to work :( will be going auto asylum in the day tho :)
  11. my baby now has 17s :)

  12. Pink, Chrome Or Complete Debadge?? Help!

    It wont let me upload any pics not sure why :s
  13. lowered my fiesta by 50 mm :)

  14. Pink, Chrome Or Complete Debadge?? Help!

    only just seen this link, thanks for that :)
  15. Good little meet in swindon last night :)

  16. Hello :)

    Hi names sarah an i drive a mk7 fiesta zetec :)
  17. Pink, Chrome Or Complete Debadge?? Help!

    Thanks guys :) I prefer the chrome but my boyfriend brought the pink and put it on there as a might have to accidently fall off ;)
  18. Hello :)

    Hi, didnt think of that, thanks :)