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  1. Cutting out

    The car has been in two more garages and has had more work done on the immobilser and also something changed on the exhaust. The immobilser is much improved but still when it gets below 500 on the rev counter it cuts out (not all the time though) which makes it difficult to show the garage and I am sure they think I am a stupid "women driver"! I have discovered through trial and error that it occurs when the engine is warm, so first thing in the morning on the way to work I am relatively safe. Also, when idling in traffic I have a constant eye on the rev counter and try and catch it if it suddenly drops to below 500 revs. If I have to stop in traffic I try and put it straight in Park so that I can rev the engine ready for when I have to move off. My last garage bill was £180 it is beginning to hurt! Any ideas.
  2. Cutting out

    I have just got my mondeo, first ford car I have ever had, it is a W reg - I loved it. Notice the past tense!! No I like everything about it but for this cutting out. It is automatic, low mileage, FSH but it is so frightening when I stop in traffic, trying to keep revving, it then konks out, I try to restart it and sometimes it will start straight away, HOWEVER, I have nightmare moments when the immobilisor wont let me restart the car and it can take up to 4 minutes to reset. You can imagine the traffic behind are so patient - not.... I took it to the garage paid to have it fixed. they told me it was the gaps on the spark plugs, well it obvioulsy wasn't as it is still happening. I have now taken it to the local Ford garage and am waiting to hear. Has anyone else had this problem?