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  1. Remote Ignition Keys Won't Programm

    I had exactly the same problem as you have, tried a lock smith and found keys were sending signal, took it to an auto electrician but no joy, then two months later they started working again. To this day still don't understand what it was but it cleared itself up whatever it was. Hope yours does the same thing.
  2. Ford Key System Explained

    What happens when the keys are sending a signal but will not open car. Tried re programming keys via ignition on off 4 times in 6 sec got the beep as stated but on pressing the key button on either of the two keys nothing happens. Both keys stopped opening the car at same time, locksmith checked keys and both sending signal. Can open car with key and all doors unlock, any help would be appreciated, car is 2055 1.6 focus 4 door Ghia, cheers Yozzerboy . UPDATE on this issue, don't ask me how but all of a sudden the keys started working again ??????? Strange but at least happy now.
  3. hiya all

    just a quick hello to all members, i am picking up my 55 plate 1.6 focus ghia tomorrow & really looking forward to getting it, i traded in a vectra c 2.0 d ti with a faulty pump and both crankshaft ~camshaft sensors faulty, cant wait to get back to a good petrol drive car