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  1. 19" Bk Racing Alloys

    Wheels in good condition brand new tyres all round plus a spare tyre. £300 ono
  2. Can I change just the actuator on my diesel turbo ? Thanks
  3. For Sale !

    19" bk racing wheels with brand new tyres all in good condition few scuff marks here and there. Tyres alone £200 each x5 as I have a brand new tyre. Looking for £350 Ono
  4. Can I replace just the waste gate on my turbo or do I replace the whole turbo ? 51 plate tdci mondeo
  5. Mondeo Wastegate Issue

    What are the symptoms to your issue ? I have the same car on a 51 plate but if you pull away get 3000 revs and it holds back like its choking itself
  6. Hi Just bought a 51 plate tdci and discoverd a couple of problems. When I drive along and reach 3000 revs the car holds back and picks up again like it chokes itself. What could that be ? Also so the key is very worn down and at times struggle to turn the ignition on would I need to replace the whole barrel and key or could I get a new key ? Thanks
  7. 51 Plate Tdci Diesel

    And only done 83,000 on the clock
  8. 51 Plate Tdci Diesel

    I got a 51 plate tdci and paid nothing done a straight swap for a bmw 320i petrol and got most of my ford problems sorted and found out the main issue all is good !
  9. 51 Plate Tdci Diesel

    Yes that's the key the fob buttons don't work either is that something that has to be programmed for a new key ?