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  1. A pet is a pet , any pet counts so go for it
  2. Thought it had been but wernt sure but in that case then I can't think of anything good so just go for photo of car outside a premiere inn
  3. picture of car with lake,pond or sea in the background
  4. Does this count ?
  5. booked mine in today aswell , ive got the 1.6 tdci zetec , couldnt afford the zetec s sadly :(
  6. ok thanks alot ive ordered the bulbs hopefully be here end of the week :)
  7. yes theses ones that you have posted the photo
  8. I have a mk7 fiesta and want some blue headlight bulbs and fog light bulbs , anyone know where i can get them and what type is the best?
  9. hi yh im thinking of front splitter and rear diffuser , not sure on anything else yet.
  10. yhh i will do when i get the chance and ill post the up when i get some :)
  11. Cheers mate , just had a look at your car , it's looking nice man :)
  12. Hi does anyone know if the front splitter you can buy will fit my car because i've only seen them on the zetec s ?
  13. sorry guys wern't meant to add the photo 3 times lol
  14. Hi everyone I'm new to the forum , just thought I would post a picture of my fiesta , so far I've lowered it 35 mm , new front grill and alloys .
  15. Welcome to the Ford forums Chaddy 18 :)