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  1. Knock From Front Of Car

    Doesn't have abs that was meant to say , sorry.
  2. Knock From Front Of Car

    I will have a check again but can't see it being that as mine does have abs or ever had a hard or soft brake petal , knocks all the time when in neutral free wheeling or in gear driving along braking and not even touching the pedals free wheeling again , am proper stumped - thanks for your reply by the way .....hopefully I'll find it before I throw in the towel and get rid , shame as mine only got 67k on the clock with many years of life left but totally frustrated with the knocking from both front sides of the car .....
  3. Knock From Front Of Car

    i have the same problem for over a year now, changed track rod ends , top struts bush and mount , and sure ive done drop links - seems even worse now even though just done the struts - feel like just setting fire to it ....... doing my head in .- it knocks like hell if i blip the gas in 3rd on and off jerking the car and engine or sometimes when letting the clutch in first and second gear i was thinking engine mounts or lower engine/gearbox mount ?? -but the noise/knocking/clunk deffinately comes from both sides of the front of the car wheel/suspension area.