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  1. Happy Birthday Venkat!

  2. Hi Club members, I'm Venkat. Just purchased the "All New Fiesta" from Chennai Ford, Chennai, India. Yes it out beats all other cars of that segment in all categories like driving pleasure, quality, mileage, ease of use etc. Ford could have done a little better on the Voice Recognition slang as it does not get all commands right in the first time and i have to speak a little Indonesian/Chinese slang of English. Hopefully there would be a online update for the same to get Indian English as the system connects wirelessly (Bluetooth) to my windows phone. Venkat
  3. Welcome to the Ford forums Venkat :)

    1. Venkat


      Thanks Steve. I'm from Chennai, India and have purchased "All New Fiesta" - Diesel. Do we have this model listed in this club? and more info on the same?