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  1. After looking everywhere for water leaks I popped my head under the glove box, and there it was the plug hanging half in an half out and I'm supposed to be a electrician haha. All you guys thanks for your help much appreciated !
  2. HI again I posted on here that I had problems with the focus now it seems to of escalated, as I stated last week my outside thermostat just stopped working, I haven't managed to look into the passenger footwell yet but am aware that the problem could be there, now I am having a fault saying the bonnet is constantly open, my reverse light will not work, my electric windows won't work either, I dread to think what else isn't working :( HELP! Please, ford don't seem to have any numbers I can Ring or help without costing a fortune to just find the problem! thanks!
  3. Had a look at your post, I think I'll have a look at that is it just a matter of pulling the carpet up an there it is? Cheers
  4. Hi there, I have a ford focus st3, the thermostat that monitors the temperature outside has jus stopped working, Where is the stat located? I have looked in my manual to try find the fuse so I can try to reset but cannot find it : / . Have tried to look elsewhere as to not waste any bodies time but found nothing. Thanks Dan
  5. Didn't realise it was that close, Cheers
  6. I already have the large inter cooler fitted I am considering getting a induction but I don't really want much more bhp, I'm pretty sure a different air filter has been fitted Aswel, does anybody know of any st specialists in Birmingham?
  7. Hi there, I have recently bought a focus st3 love the car it's awesome had a focus 1.8 zetec before dramatic change I know. Right the questions I have are. The turbo is constantly between 4 and 5bar on the indicator, is this normal ? And should/can this be adjusted because I think this is giving me alot of lag..?? Best brakes for the car, happy to spend a bit more then normal as the car is banging out 300bhp and doesn't feel as responsive as I like, espeically if somebody decides to jump in the fast lane without indicating !!! Can I get a softer suspension, it's. Very bumpy on the road lol. Any response would be appreciated thanks!
  8. Welcome to the Ford forums Danny-boi :)