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  1. Disappointing Mpg

    I never listen to manufacturer they talk bull.. only reason I changed was to get a Little more mpg not less..
  2. Disappointing Mpg

    I'm on 9657 I have never had one this bad.
  3. Disappointing Mpg

    I have a 1.6 tdci Zetec s and I'm not impressed at all with what I'm getting compared to my mk2 focus.
  4. Mk3 Zetec S

    Are there many Zetec s owners on here 1.6 tdci owners mk3 ???..
  5. Footwell Lights Mk3 ??

    We're the wires hiding ? I can't seem to find any lol.
  6. Footwell Lights Mk3 ??

    Any more luck dude?....
  7. Headlight Bulbs

    Thinking off changing my headlight bulbs what would you guys recommend I have a mk3 focus cheers.
  8. Diamondbrite

    Hello again had any one had the Diamondbrite forever done to there car ??..
  9. Mk3 Focus

    The only reason I changed was to get more out the same mpg so if I don't it well be going back ... They did say I would but I no they all talk keek.
  10. Mk3 Focus

    Cheers guys well keep an eye on out and let you no what I get thanks again.
  11. Mk3 Focus

    9000 on the clock 1.6 diesel 63 plate.
  12. Mk3 Focus

    Cheers I found a page saying 53 ltr . I had a mk2 focus and have changed it. I have just filled up for the 1st and it says I should get 553 miles. My old one said 600 and I got 573 and said it had 10 miles left. I was hoping to get more out this car ?...
  13. Mk3 Focus

    Hello all does any no the size off fuel tank in the mk3 focus ? Thanks
  14. Radio Change

    Still looking at doing this but have not have a clue what to go for. wanting to go for something that's the same as the 6000CD.
  15. Radio Change

    He says this one should just plug into the adaptor for a CD changer on back off radio I presume it will have one lol.