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  1. Drl

    Yeah that's great might look into this then thanks!
  2. Drl

    Ahhh I see! Thanks for the info!
  3. Drl

    Just a quick one, I have a 60 plate S-max titanium and I've noticed a few other s-max cars have the DRL's on when their headlights are on too? Older and newer than mine too? But my DLR's switch off when headlights come on? I want mine to stay on!
  4. Ahhh i see so would these do the trick? Yeah they dim down.
  5. What's the difference with these?
  6. Hi, Just wondering of anyone else has had a problem with 501 LED bulbs not working on the puddle lights? The only place on the car that doesn't like them! Put them in, gives a slight flicker and they don't come on? Tried the bulb elsewhere on the car and its fine?? Any help would be appreciated as I hate them yellow standard bulbs! :-)
  7. Welcome to the Ford forums NayiMac :)