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  1. Drl

    Yeah that's great might look into this then thanks!
  2. Drl

    Ahhh I see! Thanks for the info!
  3. Drl

    Just a quick one, I have a 60 plate S-max titanium and I've noticed a few other s-max cars have the DRL's on when their headlights are on too? Older and newer than mine too? But my DLR's switch off when headlights come on? I want mine to stay on!
  4. Led Puddle Lights 501

    Ahhh i see so would these do the trick? Yeah they dim down.
  5. Led Puddle Lights 501

    What's the difference with these?
  6. Led Puddle Lights 501

    Hi, Just wondering of anyone else has had a problem with 501 LED bulbs not working on the puddle lights? The only place on the car that doesn't like them! Put them in, gives a slight flicker and they don't come on? Tried the bulb elsewhere on the car and its fine?? Any help would be appreciated as I hate them yellow standard bulbs! :-)
  7. Welcome to the Ford forums NayiMac :)