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  1. I'm getting 33 mpg and it's done 8500 miles
  2. From the album ST

  3. It's not expensive because I'm assuming it's only over three years, if that was over five years it would be expensive. I don't really have a great understanding of finance, my mum sorted all mine haha
  4. The whole point of a hot hatch is that it should be fast and practical, or people would just buy sports coupes.
  5. The near side front alloy on my S1600 was scuffed nearly all the way around, they never said a word mate.
  6. Paid £18,200 for mine. Gave me £10,500 in part ex for my 11 plate S1600 though which is £1000 more than list price. They also gave me GAP insurance and Diamondbrite for free.
  7. Buy one, you won't regret it. The car is a masterpiece. I'm proud to be one of the first owners :)
  8. The ride is fairly firm and you do bounce around a little bit when driving at speed on the motorway, but its certainly not a deal breaker mate.
  9. ST-2 gets the following equipment additional to ST-1: Halogen projector style headlights LED daytime running lights Half heated leather recaro sports seats Sony DAB audio with SYNC and Emergency Assistance Ford power start button Privacy glass Style pack: Rado grey alloy wheels Red brake calipers Illuminated scuff plates I've seen an ST-1 in Race Red, it looked pants compared to the ST-2 to be honest.
  10. You'll need a separate finance package for the running costs haha. My Dad averages between 21 and 24 mpg. 32 at the very most on the motorway.
  11. Don't know yet pal, I haven't had the car long enough. There's a few guys with white ones on, you could ask one of them.
  12. DO you find yourself comparing the ST to the RS at all? Or do you accept them both on their own unique merits? Mate, as good as the ST is, it doesn't come close to the RS, that thing is in its own league.
  13. If you want one so much just buy one pal, you only live once, if you can't afford it, get some finance.
  14. Good looking car mate.
  15. Couple more pics guys :) With my Dad's beloved RS :D