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  1. 1.8 C Max Duratec Petrol Plz Help

    Update resolved issue injector dirty cleaned prob solved
  2. Made a post a while back where i had a slught missfire .. Judder while driving after looking through the forums i noticed people saying coil pack etc i have had a full service done complete new coil pack change plugs oil filters and still it judders .. Missfires to be honest i live the car hence why i spent so much trying to put it right but my pockets arnt never ending so cant keep paying out with no results plz can any one help plz Update today i visited quick fit they checked my battery and was told a cell is down on my battery could this cause my problems ? I would really apreciate sny help please Focus c max 1.8 duratec 2003
  3. Cmax 1.8 Duratec Judder Or Miss Fire?

    Thx ill look into that
  4. 1.8 duratec judder hi wonder if any one has any ideas why sometimes my car will judder simlar to a miss fire when driving it happens around once or twice a day no light on dash board during or after the judder car carrys on as normal i did the usual new plugs filter oil etc but as yet no joy any help plz guys would be apreciated
  5. Hi Allllllll

    Hi guys was told by a friend this is the place for help looked around this great site and looks fab i have a 2003 c max 1.8 and so far pleased look foward to helping others if poss
  6. Welcome to the Ford forums Wagy7124 :)

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      thank you very much