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  1. Go to 1.3 page 1 - also read the whole lot, according to VOSA they do not check for front fog lamps as these are not required under EU rules. So you should be fine however there may be some issues with police, but I cannot find anything that specifically says you can't. However to air on the side of caution I would ask VOSA themselves (Email or phone)
  2. Ah thanks for the heads up Stoney. Pleased someone has their finger on the pulse. Saved my self a few quid there. Interestingly on the June 12 Focus price list they have this option; Nolden Daytime Running Lights (Gloss Black/Matt) 1746357/1746355 £310.00/280.00 I suppose they go in the Extra traingular grills?
  3. Ok so I am looking at purchasing a MK3 Focus however do I go for the Zetec S or the Titanium? Or do I buy titanium and add the Zetec S body kit. So torn and would like to know what you would do if you had the choice? Thanks Guys :)
  4. Have you tried this yet. Getting my MK3 TIT in about 3 weeks or so, already pre-empting what I want to change!
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums LynxGB :)