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  1. i have just got the glow plug of death. the garage has found a split pipe on one of the turbo hoses they believe this to be the problem but i am abit scepticle as they say they cannot plug the diagnostic machine in as there is a faulty plug on the car. does any body think a split pipe could cause this warning light
  2. I was woundering if any body can help me as i don't want to be ripped off by the garage. i was driving back home from york, i slowed down for the roundabout and when i went to accelerate the car lost power and the glow plug light started flashing. the garage have told me that its just a hose coming out of the turbo, i am abit scepticle about this as it is the third hose that has been fitted by this garage. they have also told me that they where unable to plug there diagnostic machine into my ford because the socket looks damaged on the car. i thought the car was in limp mode as all power was lost but it would still let me do about sixty to seventy. the garage say that if the car was in limp mode it would only let me do thirty was just woundering if this was correct hope someone can help me as the car is booked in for tomorrow. i appologize for the spelling
  3. Welcome to the Ford forums graeme6686 :)