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  1. Thanks so much for this info, really helpful to get me started. Sorry for asking silly questions, but would I literally just take out the existing stereo and replace it with one with an aux button? What else would I need to do to get connected? I think a replacement stereo would be my preferred option - I had an itrip type device before and wasn't very impressed to be honest. Thanks again!
  2. Ford Focus 6000Cd Replacement

    Hi nemoa, I am looking for an answer to the same question! Did you have any luck with this?
  3. Hi all, new to this forum! I have recently bought a 2005 (55 plate) Focus which I love, however I would like to somehow be able to set up my ipod to play through the stereo as this is where I keep the majority of my music. The stereo in the car is the CD6000 with CDDJ button so am aware that a different stereo will be required, however will I be able to just do a straight swap if I get a different stereo ie from ebay? (Obviously one that fits the car!) Also I don't have an aux connection in the glove box, is that a problem? Thanks for any replies - I have been googling for days but not been able to find a definitive answer!
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums joeyno1 :)