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    Mine's a 55 so not new enough to move. Thanks anyway.
  2. Seating Position

    Hi- new member here. I've just bought a Focus Ghia which is great except for the fact that I can't get comfy. If I'm near enough to depress the clutch pedal fully then when I put my foot on it at the top the angle is sharp. I'm getting sharp leg pains- in my left shin and ankle. If I move so that my foot is more comfy when i put it on the clutch it is too far to press it right down. The seat doesn't really lower it tips- back and forth but that is probably what would help reduce the angle of my foot/shin when changing gear. Is there anyting I can do? Could still exchange -tried a fiesta but there is no space at the side of the clutch for your left foot. The garage said all focuses will be exactly the same- i'm 5'7'' not an unusual size! Is there any adjustment there could be done to either the clutch pedal- reducing distance- or the seat- lowering it?