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  1. You guys have really got me interested, I too have only the aux port in the glovebox - or so I thought! So presumably if I get the 6 pin to USB adaptor and then the usb/jack cable (£8.99 from amazon) to iPod cable I would have complete control over my iPod from the steering wheel. Where can you buy the USB to 6 pin adaptor and what is the part number if anyone knows it? Thanks - in eager anticipation Stuart
  2. Hi. Bought a 2011 2.0 Tdi Zetec Estate with the powershift gearbox. Should the dashboard lights be on whenever the ignition is on? I ask because mine are, even if its slightly 'dusky' before I would actually switch the headlights on ,the dashboard lights are already on? (dont seem to be on when its very bright, just when its 'debatable') Cheers Stuart
  3. Hi Everyone Just bought myself a rather nice 2011 Mondeo Zetec Estate 2.0 Diesel Powershift (140 BHP), thought I'd join your Forum for help and advice. Looking forward to 'talking' to you. Stuart
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums StuBob :)