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  1. Agreed. This is the first online retailer that had no issues shipping a battery and it was very well packaged as well. Fitted it today within 25min or so as I had to Youtube how to change it for her car specifically. All good and no issues to be reported :)
  2. And a 2 weeks after, wife's Seat Leon battery died as well. Ordered a Bosch S4 as well for herself. Arrived today and fitting it tomorrow. Eurocar Parts had their usual 30% off and with cheap £3.95 for such a heavy item to Ireland, it was a no brainer.
  3. Battery upgraded to Bosch S4 as recommended by Lenny. So far, no issues and cold starts much smoother.
  4. I don't remember having to do that with my car now, but maybe I did as it was a few years back that I installed the Iso block connector. In regards to the red power wire in Vag cars, it took a lot of online digging to come up with the answer. I was getting annoyed as I expected it to be plug and play for installing the stereo. But it wasn't gonna get the best of me! In the process of installing this Pioneer head unit, I learnt something new and looking at the final result, I didn't do too badly for an amateur :)
  5. Thanks for the helpful tips. Stoney871, you're spot on. I didn't realise what the red wire in the new ISO connector was. Apparently for VAG cars, which have the canbus system, you need to find another ignition source to wire that red wire to so as to power the headunit. After a little bit of google searching earlier on today, I found the answer and the easiest places to get the feed from. The 2 choices were from the indoor fuse box which was going to be a bit unsightly or from the cigarette lighter which was the closest that the red wire length could reach. After a little bit of wire fishing around from behind the headunit, to the bottom where I had fished out the Mic cable, I took off the side panel by the left side of the footwell. I also took out in the centre console, the slab that house the buttons for tyre pressure monitoring, tcs and the cigarette lighter. After scratching my head for about 30 min on how to wire the red wire cleanly, it was much easier to take out the block connector for the cigarette lighter, put the expored red wire inside it, and slide it back in place. Safely attached and secured without soldering or splicing into the live wire. I was quite chuffed about that simple but elegant solution. The only issue left to deal with was the fact that the head unit was Not turning off when I switched off the engine. I looked for an answer only, and then decided to go have dinner. Told my wife about the latest issue and Then she tells me that the original radio had to be turned off manually or it would stay on for about 1hr! That meant that I could just turn the Pioneer radio off and turn off the screen now, without the battery draining out! I went back out, secured the head unit properly with the cage etc. The fascia was a bit reluctant to go in gently, so I had to use some force in the shape of a hammer and a piece of wood wrapped in a rag. It worked and everything was flushly fitted. The Aux cable and the USB extension was neatly tucked in the centre console and I will have a spare usb charger not attached to the cigarette lighter for her to charge the phone on the go. I also did a test phone call and the bluetooth calling is excellent. Finally, the sound quality in the car has vastly improved. With a simple EQ tweak and the Loudness on +1, the whole thing is a lot better. I reckon with a set of aftermarket Focal speakers only, this thing would be a whole other level. I might just hold off for now on the speakers as she might not want them and be quite happy with how things are. A few pictures: I lifted this up with the usual trim removal tools and under the cigarette lighter, took out the block connector and linked in the red power wire for the head unit that I had fished out from underneath. The colour of the aftermarket fascia matched perfectly to the original trim.
  6. Last night, I got bored watching tv and decided at around 9pm to start fitting the head unit as it was still bright, dry and the lil ones were fast asleep. It was a bit fiddly and tricky as I had never worked on the Leon before. I followed Lenny's advice and managed to fish out the mic and install it. With the wiring, it was fairly straight forward. The fascia surround was a bit tricky to get it and it's still not flush. The cage was also a bit wobbly but I managed to secure it with the tabs. After all of that was sorted, I started the car but the headunit was not powering on. Tried a few times and checked the wiring, still nothing happening. Light was fading at this stage so I just left it there and I am hoping that it's just a blown fuse that will need changing. I am going to use the multimeter again tonight to check the radio fuses and hoping I have a few spare fuses to swap it. Fingers crossed it's just a simple fix now as the head unit looks good and the fascia surround colour matched very well. Mic cable: I will post a few more pictures of the head unit fitted when I work on the car again.
  7. I think it should be a pretty straight forward swap indeed. The aftermarket head unit has a ?hinge that locks into the cage. The there are a few small screws supplied as well. I found a video on Youtube for the process and will follow it. The only thing that might cause me a bit of difficulty is how to route the Mic from the back of the headunit to the pilar or in the middle of the car. I reckon it will take a bit of exploring to find a way where the wire can pass up to the pillars. Hoping it's not too difficult. Already decided that the Aux input plug and the Usb extender will be coming from under the new aftermarket fascia to land in the cup holders in the centre console. That way, an iPod, USB stick or other mp3 device is easily accessible to the driver. I did the same in my car as I didn't want these to live in the glovebox. I got the Aux cable earlier on and I will try to install the head unit during the week. My mind is already racing ahead though as now I feel like with that head unit, the stock speakers will need to be upgraded as well. I am already looking at Focal for options and as usual their component speakers are not cheap. I would like to keep this install as simple as possible and there is an Integration Kit that Focal does for VW cars: Focal IS 165 VW. I am hoping it would fit the front doors of the Seat Leon and it would just be plug and play. I emailed Focal, but no answer from them yet. I am not going down the route of aftermarket amplifier with this project. So, the component speakers would be run off the headunit and I am hoping to use the stock wiring to the speakers. Any ideas how to do this as currently, the stock speakers are components and I am pretty sure the wires are divided to run to the woofer and tweeter separately in the door. I would like to be able to get a set with a separate crossover network and integrate that into the stock wiring to keep things clean.
  8. Hi all. Just wanted to document and put a few pictures of the audio upgrade that I am planning for my wife's 2006 Seat Leon 1.6 R (petrol) MK2 audio system. I recently upgraded my own head unit in my Focus to the AVH-X8700BT and the previous unit, Pioneer AVH-X2500BT was not going to be used. Rather than sell it on, I decided to install it in my wife's car as she didn't have bluetooth, aux in etc. She's not overly concerned with sound quality unlike myself and would need more the functionality of handsfree bluetooth calling and music streaming. I plan on doing the upgrades step wise like I did in my own car. Phase one: Head unit upgrade with all wiring, fascia, adaptor, mic etc wires in. I think this will make the most noticeable impact in functionality and sound improvement. I have acquired most of the parts and only one needed to be picked up later on is a 3.5mm 1.8m Aux cable, just in case it's required down the line. 1. Fascia, ISO loom and stereo removal keys bought from Ebay. 2. Headunit, wiring, USB extender, Mic, fascia surround, cage and stereo removal keys.
  9. Can't remember if I posted this short clip of my speakers after I installed the speaker adaptors:
  10. Link to my build thread: It's got a lot of the info about the sound system build and you might need to comb through it all. Sizes for the door speakers are: 6.5"/16.5cm. Most major manufacturers have this size and you will need a speaker adaptor to fit them in. A good few on Ebay and just to make sure you get the front or rear ones whichever you are changing at the time. I think it might be different for a 3 door car. Not 100% sure about that bit. As for the headunit, I am not familiar with that one but it looks like it should have all the inputs you are looking for. Maybe other forum members might have that unit/brand. I went with Pioneer as I had demoed it and liked it. Send me a pm about the springs and will look into how much postage etc will be. Hopefully it's not too expensive as it is quite heavy the whole package. Youtube is a great resource for how to videos. There are a few on there about how to change the springs on the Focus.
  11. I would agree with you on that. Given the price difference of €150 euro between the 2 colours after including shipping, it's a really tempting deal to just get the black, see how it is and further down the line if it needs a refurb, to change the colour then :)
  12. Also, clutch is on it's way out as mentioned before. Would it be wise to get the Dual Mass Flywheel changed at the same time since the mechanics would have access to it? I am a total noob about these things and given the fact that it's a fairly expensive part/s, not to mention with the added labour cost, I am reluctant to go overboard. Planning to keep the car for another 1-2 years at least, so it needs to be reliable. If anyone has a link to the above parts for cheaper, I would appreciate it :) Also, today till midnight, Euro Car Parts are doing 25% OFF most parts till Midnight! I am getting a new Bosch S4 72Ah 100 battery after Lenny's recommendation for it as my current one is starting to show signs of poor health. Along with that getting some front Brembo brake pads as well.
  13. Just wanted to see what people's thoughts were about this: My Panther Black Focus with Team Dynamics Pro Race 1.2 in Gloss Black 17" ? Yay or Nay for Black wheels on a black car? I know, it's only ones opinion but I am torn right now as there is a set going for within budget but I was hoping to get it in Anthracite rather.
  14. No problem at all. Glad to help out and return a bit of karma back to other forum members as lots of people helped me out when I did my sound system upgrade. I was a total noob and lots of valuable information was given to me at the time. As for the stereo upgrade, a lot of information is in my build thread and if you can't find it, send me a pm. I will try to get back as soon as I can with the information then. I have a double din Pioneer AVH-X8700bt headunit as of this week. Just upgraded from the AVH-X2500BT. I did my upgrades in stages like you're planning as I wanted not to compromise on quality. I would recommend the Pioneer double din head units as they offer good sound quality and will not break the bank. Also, as for speakers, consider Focal as even their entry level models offer excellent sound quality. Do consider running them from an external amplifier even if you don't have any plans on running a subwoofer as it will get the most performance out of any speakers. My suggestion would be to start by getting the head unit first and run it with the stock speakers for a while. This should make the most noticeable improvement at the start. The the speaker and amplifier if you chose to. For the springs, if you look at my thread, there are pictures of my own car with the stock springs on. Unsure how much lower it will be in cm/inches. If you have the budget, I would highly recommend getting the Eibach lowering springs. Lenny's car had 18" ST rims and Eibach springs for reference purposes. Not too sure how much a mechanic would charge you and you would need an alignment after. Maybe other forum members can offer a guesstimate on price. I am based in Dublin, Ireland. So, if you just pay for the postage the springs are yours. They are just sitting in my garage at the moment and I would rather someone get use out of it :)
  15. Only seeing this thread now and liking the way things are progressing. Good base to start with and not often do I see a Titanium in 3 door guise. I like the approach with the list and crossing things off. Saw that you had speaker upgrades planned and if you need any info/help, give me a shout as I did mine a while back and can point you in the right direction on where to find parts and how to get things done with the least amount of frustration. Also, with the new ST wheels, which look ace in black on a black car by the way, IMHO, the car looks a bit too high now on the stock Titanium springs. If you're interested, I have a set of 4 Zetec springs that I took out of my car when I installed my Eibach springs. Can't wait to see the rest of the mods on the car :)