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  1. Looks pretty dire I must say. I been sitting on this for a while now and now that I know I will be keeping the car, might as well bite the bullet. Also, I reckon the clutch is on it's way out after 136,000 miles or more. Considering that the car has been remapped for a while, that's not too bad going I think. Options are to get a standard OEM clutch kit fitted or spend a bit more and get an uprated one that could handle the increase in power and torque more efficiently. The second option would last longer I reckon. Planning on keeping the car for at least another 1-2 years and I will be driving a bit less than 1200km/week as from July. Any suggestions or links to an uprated clutch kit for my 1.6TDCI 109bhp engine? Also, would I need to change the dual mass flyweel at the same time? I know very little about it except that it's not a cheap part alongside the clutch kit. Thanks :)
  2. Thanks for the info and had heard good things about the company. Sadly I am living in Dublin and it's a fair bit out of my way. My main concern is that if I were to get them done, it then buckles again in the future, it would have been money down the drain. That's the only reason I am tempted with a new set of alloys. Any good websites that would have decent, not too expensive alloy wheels for sale with cheap shipping to Ireland?
  3. I have had the new tyres on now for just over 2 weeks and at fitting it became apparent that all 4 of my alloy wheels are buckled. As a result of this, there is vibration when driving the car at motorway speed. This can be felt through the steering wheel and also in the seats. From previous experience, I know that I can get the tyres rebalanced at my local Ford dealership and they did a very good job at smoothing out the vibration issue. They have already told me on numerous occasions that it will get progressively more difficult to do this and that I will either need to get the alloy wheels fixed or get new ones. This is my current conundrum: Do I get the bucklesfixed and with this comes the potential of it happening again in the future as I have been told that my set of alloy wheels is prone to bucklingmore than others or do I just get a new set of alloys? As usual, I can' go out and spend silly money on the alloys. If I were to get new ones, I will be selling the old ones off Ebay to recoup some of the cost. Also, with the new lowered suspension, I reckon the new wheels would look pretty good sitting at that ride height. Any thoughts welcomed :)
  4. Were you driving on that tyre still? The thread looks like it pretty much gone? Just wondering if there's an issue with the camber like last time as it looks worn on the one side more than the other. How many miles did you get on the tyres btw? Good thing you are getting them replaced :) If you are looking for tyres, check out as they seem to have the cheapest prices online. You can get the tyres fitted at a local place after delivery. They had Toyo Proxes for €80 odd euro when it was over €100 everywhere else I looked recently. I got 4 Federal tyres recently for €85 balanced and fitted. So far they are holding up well in the dry and well with a big reduction in road noise. Timing kit the cheapest I found was on Ebay as that engine is in various other cars. Maybe you could get a local mechanic to fit it then to save a few bob. That's what I did to mine as the Ford Garage was asking similar money as you were quoted. How old is your car Lenny? Participating Ford dealerships offer the Motorcraft service for €130 euro for any Ford vehicle 5 years or over. Check it on their website as that's €60 your pocket :) Hope you get it all sorted before the NCT. I just had mine and had issues with emissions, which got sorted by using Dipetane to clean the fuel system.
  5. Thanks man. I think if you don't want to drop it too much, the Eibach 30mm lowered springs are perfect for the job. On Ebay Germany is where I found it for cheapest with free shipping.
  6. It's been over 1 month now since the Bilstein B4 shocks and Eibach 30mm Lowered springs were installed on the car. I think they have bedded in quite well and I like where the ride hide sits now. There's no more "rake" on the car and it rides quite well for the amount of miles on it. It's not overly stiff but firm on the road. The ride quality is as I expected and going round corners is fun again. I think I made the right choice for my needs in the end and now that the car got the major issues sorted, I will be keeping it for the next while. A few pictures with the new set of tyres and this time the car was recently washed :)
  7. It's a lovely car and all but with the 2 boys now and having to carry more stuff around, we might need a bigger car or an estate. We have had no major problems with the Leon over the last 5 years and it's a nice drive too.
  8. Update: I had the Nct last night. Car flew through it. 15min and got the certificate. Emissions went from 1.74 to 0.5, which is pretty impressive! I would highly recommend Dipetane after this to anyone who's having emission problems. Now, I am trying to convince my better half to switch her car before its due for its Nct in May. Thinking of a petrol car, after 2008, which would be on the lower tax band, with lots of space and a bit fun to drive too. Limited budget and would be trading her Seat Leon 1.6 Petrol, which has served us very well so far. Any recommendations welcomed.
  9. A few updates: Firstly the car had it's NCT before I went on holidays and it failed on headlight alignment and emissions. The emissions were 1.74 and 1.5 was the limit for my car and engine. I was a bit dissapointed as this was after the Terraclean process was done but apparently after reading a fair few threads online, the emissions checking process in Ireland is a bit hit and miss. All NCT centres are ran privately and have different sensitivities for their machines. This is what I read and I took it with a grain of salt. Friend of mine advised me to try a product called Dipetane, which is a fuel additive that could help with lowering the emissions. He has used it many times with his previous cars and they all passed the NCT. Tomorrow evening is the re-test and will find out how the car does. Also, got new tyres today from my usual supplier, Norma Jeans Valet in Mullingar. Got 4 new Federal Formoza AZ01 at a really good price. Balanced, new valves and fitted. They are very grippy in the dry and will report when it's raining, which shouldn't be too long here in Ireland. An indirect improvement again is a reduction in road noise which is very much welcomed as it was getting irritating over my long commute. I will report back on how it does over the next few months and it's wear rate. The owner of the tyre place has them on his own van.
  10. Really digging that honeycombe mesh front grill and the list of planned mods. Can't wait to see the progress :)
  11. I thought so too. Just the seats and body kit is over £1000 at least I reckon? I wonder what is the Cat D extent of damage. It's in the right colour too and I am not a fan of the stock front bumper on that model with the side vent looking thing. Is that an ST bumper on that along with a rear one?
  12. Thanks for the info guys. The 1.6 Ecoboost in Ireland is quasi non existent on the used market as the majority of Foci on the roads are the 1.5 or 1.6 diesels. It's was at one point the most sold car in Ireland. With new job starting in July being much closer to home and no more 200km commute to and from work, I was thinking that next year maybe to get a petrol and that's why I was looking into the 1.6 Ecoboost Petrol. Mountune can get it to 200 with their MP200 package but it's a lot of money. Maybe just a remap and few suspension mods to keep me entertained. The othervery tempting but out of budget option is a Golf MK6 GTI :) Here is something I found earlier that looked cool. 1QJ&fuel-type=petrol&logcode=p
  13. Nicely done man. I reckon it's quick with that amount of power and the light weight. I can't wait to see what you got planned for it in the future. I am also tempted with the 1L ecoboost but reckon that in the Focus, it's not gonna be as nippy as the Fiesta. Family of 2 kids requires bigger car. Did I hear it right that there was a 1.6L Ecoboost at one point of the older model Focus?
  14. Dude that is awesome! What engine did you get in it? the 1L Ecoboost Petrol? It's a really lovely car. Can't wait to see the pictures. Are you going to transfer all the stereo system in the new car or just see how the stock system is first?
  15. Man that was close. Good to hear the alarm worked and scared them off! Scum like you said! Hope you recovered from the ordeal :)