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  1. This looks like so much fun! Looking forward to it 󾌵

  2. This looks like so much fun! Looking forward to it 😊

  3. This song is stuck in a loop in my head. Really good tune.

  4. This song is stuck in a loop in my head. Really good tune.

  5. Cheers man. Tyres were only changed at all 4 corners recently and went with ones that had a lower noise ratings. It still hasn't made a big difference and the noise on the motorway gets tiring very quickly. If I keep listening to the music at the these volumes, I will be going deaf soon lol
  6. Been MIA on the forums for a few months as life got in the way. Back living in Dublin now and slowly settling in. Car needs a few things to be done. I am currently putting over 1000km driving to work and driving within work every week. As a result, a few things need to be serviced. 1. The shock absorbers I think are finally outworn as the car is close to 128,000 miles. As a replacement, I was thinking of getting a full set of Bilstein B4. Along with that, I was considering, budget permitting, a set of Eibach lowering springs to complement the whole suspension. I am hoping this combination will not make the car ride overly harsh or stiff as I am driving mostly motorways at the moment and some country roads. 2. Rear brake drums need to be serviced. Anyone have a link or part number for the rear brake drums for a Ford Focus 1.6TDCI 109 bhp please? 3. Thinking about finally getting the sound deadening done for the inside of the cabin as the car is quite noisy on the motorways. Considering Silent Coat 2mm and Dodo matt acoustic liner on top for the floor, boot and bulk head. That should help in theory reduce the tyre noise a fair bit. Any thoughts or suggestions welcomed for the above. Thanks :)
  7. The point about being similar to a ported subwoofer enclosure makes sense. Me too I'm concerned about moisture and prevention of corrosion to the speakers. When I install the speaker adaptors, I will have a good look around for moisture and then decide whether to reinstall them or not.
  8. Lenny, did you try the speakers without the Boom Mats and with them on? I'm curious to hear your opinion. I had the Boom Mats on mine until a few weeks ago. I felt that it was "sucking" in the mid bass as compared to the cheaper Vibe Slick 6 speakers in the rear. Once off, the difference in sound is clearly apparent for anyone to hear the difference. It's the way it should sound from the start. Now, I'm just wondering if I installed the Boom Mats wrongly? Should I have made a hole at the bottom to let the sound waves out the back? I would be interested to know.
  9. Thanks a million Lenny. Got all the information and will get the bolts from the local hardware shop/Woodies. Just need to find the time and dry weather to drill out the old ones and install the new speaker adaptors. Think it will stop rattling then.
  10. Hi Lenny. Tried to message you via PM but it doesn't seem to wanna work. I have a quick question to ask you. You installed the speaker adaptors in the front and rear of your car to mount your speakers. I decided to get the same for mine as the hacked off old speaker pod started rattling and it's annoying me. How did you secure it to the door of the car? My kit didn't come with anything else except the black plastic speaker adaptors? I was thinking to buy either some bolts or to use a pop rivet? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a million.
  11. Last Sunday from 9am-12pm, we managed to wire all the parts in the car even though the heavens opened. The car was in my garage but it was so narrow that you could barely open the door. As a result, it was very tricky to get the speakers mounted properly. We decided to buy a pair of speaker adaptors as our hacked idea wasn't working very well. Also, the whole door needs a bit of tidying up and some of the holding screws were left out. Below are a few pictures:
  12. Recommend Me A Sub

    I had a Vibe Slick 10“ Sub before and it was very good at that price point. I prefer the Vibe Slick Bass pack out of the two options. I think that these compact enclosures at the lower end of the price point are a compromise on sound quality. To get good bass, you need a certain amount of volume in the enclosure and the Vibe Slick should tick all the boxes. Remember that if you have the FOC Card, you get 15% off anything in Halfords. Makes getting the card all worth it :)
  13. Recommend Me A Sub

    It's a great sub that you could always move to the next car actually. Lenny's recommendation would come out cheaper than my one with an amplifier properly matched to the sub. Another option would be to go for an amplified 10" JL Audio subwoofer in a box. It will be a lot less expensive than the above.
  14. Recommend Me A Sub

    I think a good starting place would be to have a budget in mind and whether you are willing to sacrifice boot space. Also, what type of music you would be playing. Subwoofer sizes go from 8, 10, 12 inches or bigger. I would suggest looking at JL Audio 8" subwoofer in an enclosure if you want quality without sacrificing too much space. Pair it with a JL Audio Monoblock amplifier to power it, you will have a decent amount of bass. Subwoofer: Amplifier: Another option would be to find a local car audio shop and having a chat with them to see what they have in stock and then let us know what they suggested due to your time frame.
  15. Just saw this and thought I could help with some info. I got a set of Focal 165KR components and the tweeters fit in the hole left by the factory ones. A little bit of glue was needed to secure it in even though it had clips to attach to the inside of the sail panels. As for the actual woofer, I hacked off the stock speakers and used the surround left over as a mount for the new Focal speakers. That way, I had no issues with the window catching the speaker. With either the Focals or JL Audio, you can't really go wrong as they are both excellent speakers for the money :)