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  1. How to find exact AC compressor type and pulley/bearing/clutch to buy? If you say: go to the store, stores where I buy mostly said they don't sell it, and one said bring us the parts to see. So, I'd rather buy this online.
  2. I had a whine and wanted to change the belt, but it turned out something is wrong with the compressor. I don't know what' exactly, is it a pulley or bearing that I need to change. If one looks carefully at the inside of pulley, there's something excessive there. Like the middle part stayed on the compressor, broken apart. It would be great if someone has pictures of it's own taken apart. I could find it on youtube, differences are small, but still significant for me.
  3. This should be my AC compressor pulley, I guess (held in hand). It's not supposed just to be taken off like this (when aux belt is removed)? It seems to be broken. Could you point me how it is supposed to look like? I can't find it new, stores where I buy just don't sell it, and I'll probably have to try to find a used one.
  4. Did you solve it? Was it like this link or it was compressor pulley?
  5. In my case this glow plugs preheating takes rather long, even with the new battery. I meant to ask what would be the normal time, but I guess I'll first follow the test to see whether they're working at all: Ford Focus Mondeo Transit 1.8 TDCi Glow Plug Diagnostics and Replacement.
  6. There's a nice test with "Hidden service menu" I found today: press&hold Reset knob left of the wheel, turn the ignition key to position II, release when Test seen on display; scroll to diagnostics program you need, like battery voltage bXY.Z; start the engine and watch voltage drop; good battery will drop to sth. as 10V and bad one to less, maybe 4V. I wish some battery indicator, like voltage, be all the time available on the dash. Any way to add it?
  7. "The aim of this site is to give a short overview about the satellite navigation systems, which were pre-installed in the car by Ford of Europe."
  8. Here is a video "how to remove top glove box from ford forcus", I must try: I don't have permission to view this forum. Can you please copy relevant text for me and other readers. Thank you.
  9. I have a problem with the box on the upper side of the instrument panel. I don't know exact name, saw it's called "top glove box", it's circled in the attachment. I cannot keep it closed now, because it doesn't hook anymore. Normally, it's pressed down to be closed and again pressed to be open. The car was left outside during heat, and although sun was shining at the back side, probably heat itself resulted in a deformed plastic hook on the cover. Anyone experienced this? What to do? If replace only, what to look for? Thank you.
  10. Responding to the question "Anyone Else Think The Focus Interior Design Has Gone Backwards?": I'm the one. I'm with Mk2 but when I see Mk3, I don't envy to upgrade. Same for the exterior design.
  11. I remembered to update this: The good news is that I bought and it worked for a few weeks. The bad news is that parking system doesn't work again, it's another sensor now.
  12. The first thing I did was switching the suspect with the good one, and again the same sensor didn't work in another position (so, it would mean it's not related to the control unit?). I don't know how to resecure the connections, the sensor is just click and go.
  13. Thank you, I couldn't find this on local scrappies and I was about to order this from e-bay, when it started to work again yesterday. I wouldn't be surprised if it's just temporary.
  14. Original sensor in Ford costs 70+ euros, which is not acceptable. I don't understand why some local company doesn't order replacement parts which I see are available on Alibaba, but they don't. Since the whole parking sensors replacement kit costs 20-25 euros, it'd be more wise to replace all.. It would be really nice to connect it somehow to Denso display instead of using separate LED digital display.