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  1. Here is a video "how to remove top glove box from ford forcus", I must try: I don't have permission to view this forum. Can you please copy relevant text for me and other readers. Thank you.
  2. I have a problem with the box on the upper side of the instrument panel. I don't know exact name, saw it's called "top glove box", it's circled in the attachment. I cannot keep it closed now, because it doesn't hook anymore. Normally, it's pressed down to be closed and again pressed to be open. The car was left outside during heat, and although sun was shining at the back side, probably heat itself resulted in a deformed plastic hook on the cover. Anyone experienced this? What to do? If replace only, what to look for? Thank you.
  3. Responding to the question "Anyone Else Think The Focus Interior Design Has Gone Backwards?": I'm the one. I'm with Mk2 but when I see Mk3, I don't envy to upgrade. Same for the exterior design.
  4. I remembered to update this: The good news is that I bought and it worked for a few weeks. The bad news is that parking system doesn't work again, it's another sensor now.
  5. The first thing I did was switching the suspect with the good one, and again the same sensor didn't work in another position (so, it would mean it's not related to the control unit?). I don't know how to resecure the connections, the sensor is just click and go.
  6. Thank you, I couldn't find this on local scrappies and I was about to order this from e-bay, when it started to work again yesterday. I wouldn't be surprised if it's just temporary.
  7. Original sensor in Ford costs 70+ euros, which is not acceptable. I don't understand why some local company doesn't order replacement parts which I see are available on Alibaba, but they don't. Since the whole parking sensors replacement kit costs 20-25 euros, it'd be more wise to replace all.. It would be really nice to connect it somehow to Denso display instead of using separate LED digital display.
  8. I have one faulty parking sensor (not clicking, confirmed by switching with the good one), factory fitted, marked as "2W93 15K859" and "CAW" and "602841". When I search for that PART NUMBER, it offers, for example So, it's marked as Jaguar. When I search for "FORD FOCUS PARKING SENSOR" I get for example It says "This is brand new and fits the Ford Mondeo (MK1,2,3,4), Focus, Kuga, C-Max models". Can it be they're all the same? There's also which says "FORD FIESTA FOCUS MONDEO B MAX C MAX S MAX BRAND NEW PARKING SENSOR 1765253". Again, says it fits all, is it possible? When I search internet there are many "15K859" parking sensors, but the first number is mostly different. There is also which is different color from mine (mine is black) but quotes the same part number.
  9. It was rather inexpensive at the end, just 2 hours of work - taking off everything - to find out it was a simple problem, a plastic (irreversible/check?) valve at the bottom of the filler neck. I remembered to explain this for somebody else's sake, having in mind my own troubles.
  10. This was solved by proper positioning of simple irreversible valve in the fuel filler.
  11. Hello all. I still have the same problem with this. Both the fuel filler and air tubes look clean, so it must be something with the filler mechanism. Probably like Lenny said: "Some spring or something inside was failing to open fully when the nozzle from the pump was inserted." although I don't understand whether it's fuel or air that's not open in that case. Can someone post that Ford TSB 07-08-01? Thank you
  12. I haven't solved this yet, although I tried a second time, when my tank was empty, so it was disengaged. My Focus is early 2007, I don't have Easy Fuel system. Replacement fuel filler is 250 euros plus work. There are a number of people with the same problem: Later link mentions some Ford TSB 07-08-01. There is some solution which I have to try titled "Gas Tank Won't Fill? Let me show you how to fix it!":
  13. Similar to the previous poster, I have a Ford Focus MK 2 1,8TDCI with 205/55/16 tires on aluminum rims 6,5J/5*108, ET 52,5. Due to the lower cost of 15" tires, I decided to buy new 15 inch steel rims and new winter tires. I did so because I saw that size on my car and in the book. It turned out that no rims I tried could fit to my wheels, even ET 52,5. More precisely, they can fit, but they can't turn. Obviously, it's about breaks size, so arches touch the rim. Is it possible to use 15" on my car at all? If not steel, then some alloy?
  14. Working for Focus Mk2 and deactivating both. I'd really prefer to leave warning light and only turn off chimes, but it seems it always goes together, stupid solution for us who take a lot of short and slow rides. Information display has settings for different chimes, but not for this one.
  15. Thank you. I'd prefer to buy Ford bluetooth module (found to be RX-1C). If not, then Audio 2000 Bluetooth adapter. Now that there is also Parrot device, that's the last option. I searched on E-bay, I couldn't find it, probably it's rare. If someone see that being sold, please notify. Also I'll ask at Ford when I go there.