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  1. Confused By Temp Gauge

    Cheers Bruce :) i kinda thought maybe it could be thermostat but was told it wouldnt be. Yeah im filling up quite a bit but i thought that was due to shortish distances. I will order new thermostat at weekend Thanks much for your help
  2. Confused By Temp Gauge

    Heyyyyy Guys and Girls I own a 2000 fiesta zetec s 1.6 my first ever ford :) Im sooooo confused by my temp gauge ......... ive never had this happen in any car ive ever owned. Im driving along at a steady speed lets say 50mph and my temp gauge is at the normal middle position but when i speed up the temp gauge goes down to quarter or maybe even less!! Is this me just worrying too much over nothing?? or is it a problem i need to address??
  3. Welcome to the Ford forums Cakes :)

    1. Cakes


      Thankies very much Steve :)