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  1. ok, after much searching i actually found it covered with tape which now leads me onto my next question it is a 53 plate diesel so can anyone recommend a code reader as the ones im seeing only seem to work on 2004 diesels and above. Thanks
  2. MK1 53 PLATE C-MAX 2.0l TDCI ZETEC No Engine warning light illuminated Engine in idle mode and not going greater than 3000rpm Have disconected negative terminal on battery and reconnected after approx 15 min, this seemed to clear the issue as engine then proceeded to go higher then 3000rpm however same issue happened about 1hr later, no warning light but engine in idle mode after being switched off Someone has advised there is a way of putting the car into a "self learning" mode however im unsure how to do this. The car is not ODB2 compliant so am unable to attach code reader to see if any faults. Does anyone have any hints, tips or suggestions?
  3. Welcome to the Ford forums mrdavidpickup :)