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  1. Servicing overcharge Doh!

    hi all, *new member alert* ok so im coming clean and im hoping for suggestions along with a few 'as if you did that' reactions ok so basically i get a quote on a 37500 service from Ford including VAT, i wrote it down and put to one side at home, I have the service and pay it up (£288) with no extra stuff needed, I get home and chat with parents who remember the quote being less than that, so (my memory isnt as keen) I go and dig out my bit of paper on and find the quote was £252 meaning im £36 out of pocket so its my fault because i didnt query it (i didnt realise due to not looking at the quote before), but surely Ford should honour their quote (i got quote and booked service in one call with one person) any ideas on what i do? am i likely to have sucess getting the money back? thanks in advance, Regards, BROW