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  1. Chain Or Belt

    Should be a timing CHAIN, but an auxillary drive BELT. Haynes manual advises chain should last the life of the engine but belt should be replaced at 125K
  2. Key Not Detected

    A regular situation on my Mondeo Titanium X with power start. Usually occurs when unusual door opening/closing detected. Mine will however start when key fob inside car and clutch depressed. Try again
  3. Recently incurred annoying situation with n/s headlamp switching off and on intermittently Not what you want on long, windy and dark country roads. Eventually found the cause. Inside the headlamp, there is a considerable wiring loom on which there is a crimped joint supplying two lamps. The manufacturer had strapped the flying leads to the bulb terminals too close, so every time the headlamp turned, it broke the strands. Easily fixed (hopefully) by cutting the wires back and using "choc block" to rejoint. So far - two weeks later - no problem. Not the car, but the part which was bought in by Ford
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums Large Mirage :)