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  1. I am definetly interested in reading more about this. Also, can anyone recommend me a place or a person to buy a modified ELM cable from? I'm trying an eBay UK member, but he simply won't answer to my eBay questions. I live in Brazil, and I'd like to buy a cable already premodified and tested.
  2. So if I want to add an RS cluster to my regular petrol 2.0 MK2.5 Ill have to find a dealer willing to help? Uh-oh, thats not good :(
  3. Has anyone tried to retrofit a MK2.5 Focus RS instrument cluster w/ larger LCD into their MK2.5 Focus or ST? I've read somewhere that a Focus RS cluster doesn't have PATS (since it's a keyless car), so it won't work on the regular MK2.5 or ST if they have a normal PATS key. Can this be overcome using this software? Also, I've read mixed opinions/information regarding cruise control: my car has everything needed for it to work, so I ask -- can you enable the correct options to make it work using the modified ELM cable or not? Cheers!
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums OrlandoOrtiz :)