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  1. Streetka... Parking Sensor No Noise?

    thankyou so much... ironically I broke the blue boot sensor about 2 months ago and my neighbour disconnected it and attached a neew one for me and we had to poke about in the panel you are on about!!! This sounds like a good starting point... i will ask him to have a look for me.. thanks again
  2. Hi all when I put my streetka into reverse, there is no noise as the reverse gear engages, and there is no sensor alarm as you reverse???? Everuthing else is normal, ie reverse liughts work... just the audible alarm, I have been through the handbook and can't find anywhere in it or on internet that suggests there is a fuse or sensor or switch to get this alarm to work.... any clues folks??? cheers ruth
  3. Welcome to the Ford forums snorkllos :)