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  1. I have recently purchased a 08 plated Mondeo Estate, Titanium X 2.0L When I got car only had AUX jack connector in glove box. Stereo is the standard SONY 6CD unit. Bluetooth is the standard BT. I have an iPhone 4. Sinec buying car I have paid for Ford to fit a retro fit USB port again now in glove box next to AUX jack. Also i have purchased the Ford Y lead for ipods....total cost £200.00 My iPhone still will not play music through USB and AUX. Does not appear to be recognised or charging. I have tried using a memory stick to update software as per advise from ford site again memory stick does not appear to be recognised..... iPhone works fine on Bluetooth handsfree and voice activation for phone but no option to play music through bluetooth either. The USB port lights up when on and when memory stick plugged in and I switch to AUX on stereo I get a constant bleep. But no option on CD/AUX to get iphone as per manual. I know I go on a bit but anyone any ideas please?
  2. Welcome to the Ford forums MickTH :)