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  1. Noob's Wiper Problem!

    Hi Stoney, thanks for getting back to me. Took a look and you were right, the wiper relay needs replacing! Off to Kevin Coopers I go :o) Many thanks Lotti
  2. Noob's Wiper Problem!

    Hi guys, Just a noobe question about a problems with my wipers (Ford Focus Ghia TDCi 54 plate)- they work perfectly except on the intermittent setting. This fault is on-going and started with the wipers stopping mid screen when the wipers were switched off from intermittent, or when i press down on the wiper switch the wipers simply stop when the switch is released where ever they are. This fault has worsened to the point where the intermittent doesn't work at all, has anyone else experienced this and did they find out what it was? Any help would be most gratefully received! Cheers Lotti
  3. Welcome to the Ford forums lottibond :)