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  1. Squeaky Gear Stick

    HI, anyone got any ideas. a sort of dry bearing sort of sound when i move the gear stick either when the clutch is engaged or not. driving me mad and not due a service for 8 months. bit of oil or grease required? if so , how do i remove the gaiter and surround without damage? cheers.
  2. Ford Fiesta

    thanks. that must be it.
  3. Ford Fiesta

    Maybe, but there is only 1 and i dont see how it would keep mat in place.
  4. Ford Fiesta

    This might be a silly question , but can someone tell me what the black plastic lever is that sticks out of an insertion in the carpet infront of drivers seat. Cannot find any reference to it in hand book. thanks.
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums denwhit :)