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  1. New Fiesta

    There is already a topic NO SPARE WHEEL where you can get all answers, I had to struggle to get spare wheel as was not told at time of order. The inflatin kit is useless if you get side wall damage and according to some replies a new tyre will be required after use of kit. I suffered side wall damage on my last Fiesta and had a spare wheel, if I only had inflation kit I could have waited a long time on assistance John
  2. No spare wheel !

    I had my Fiesta Zetec over 4 weeks when I raised subject with Ford and dealership. I was not told of option by dealership, Ford said it was up to the dealership. I had some discussion with dealership and wrote to their Head Office. They were willing to sell me a kit at over £100 but after lengthy discussion told them not to bother. Next morning they called me and said they had a spare wheel kit for me which I collected. I feel better now as did not fancy the prospect of having side wall damage and waiting a long time in assistance. John
  3. No spare wheel !

    i did not get spare wheel either but after contacting Ford and dealership the dealership supplied me with a complete spare wheel kit, this was after i had car for 4 weeks John